Caramel Apples

1 session


Everyone loves caramel apples! They’re a great gift to give as well as to receive. The perception value of a caramel apple is worth much more than the cost of making such beauties. Well, now we can show how to make these delights and explain the complexities involved in doing them correctly each time. Yes, there are a lot of tips and tricks that make it work right. You’ll make three different apples that will display three different processes thus preparing you to make hundreds of your own combinations in the future! (We’ll make a “candy dip” apple, a “double dip” apple and “flavor enhanced” apple)

Supply list:
None. All supplies will be provided by Pila’s Pantry. An apron is encouraged.

Dec. 7 (Sat. 1 – 3 pm) DAY CLASS
Dec. 10 (Tue. 7 – 9 pm)
Dec. 19 (Thu. 7 – 9 pm)
Jan. 17 (Fri. 7 – 9 pm)
Feb. 10 (Mon. 7 – 9 pm)

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